German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad

I had never tried German food before meeting the boy. When we were dating, he took me to a restaurant in a town not far from the one in which he grew up, renowned for its German cuisine. That’s one of the delightful things about Texas towns – hidden amongst the Mexican food restaurants are these little communities, filled with the descendants of original German settlers, born and bred to add cultural and culinary variety to the Texas landscape.

That was the first time I had schnitzel. And strudel. And lager. And sauerkraut. And bratwurst.

That culinary outing ranks as one of the top “ohmygodI’msofull” moments. Worth. It.

Every now and then, we get on a German food high and make it weekly – often in the form of brats, grainy mustard, and sauerkraut. Then one night, the man of the kitchen made pork schnitzel, and my mouth has been watering for it ever since. He paired it with this warm, German potato salad, which I prefer greatly over the mayonnaise-laden Southern potato salad we all know so well. You start by cooking the potatoes most of the way through, then pan fry to a light crispness, and toss with salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, and lemon. You can add onion or parsley. We prefer to eat it in this simple form.

And can we talk about the benefit of adding lemon to savory foods? I thought it was overrated until we squeezed its fresh juice over this dish, and my taste buds did a delightful jig in response to the warm, tart, savory flavor. I’m ashamed for having ever thought so little of you, dearest yellow fruit. The amount of acidity and vinegar in this dish intimidated me at first, but it forces your mouth to wake up and pay attention to the culmination of flavors, leaving you wanting more.

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Kate Nelson

I’m a wife and mother to two daughters. I was a very, very geeky kid and spent my many years of youth reading science fiction and playing Dungeons & Dragons. I live in Austin with my family and love Star Wars. In here you find a whole lot of food recipes.

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