Well hello.

I’m Becca.

I’m married to an extraordinary man who kind of resembles a sexy hobbit, and I’m the mother of a tiny human and giant golden retriever. We live just north of Austin in Georgetown, Texas.

I started this blog several years ago, inspired by the food that reflected this state and the fun, weird, hipster-filled area we call home.

But life looks a little different now than when it started.

We sold our boring-but-solid home and moved across town into a 1960 fixer upper, where kitchen lights fall out of the ceiling at night and sprinkle asbestos insulation down like a magical snowfall, cookbooks fall off the shelf willy nilly, and a gang of aggressive squirrels murder snitches on our roof.

Then, one month after moving into this get-your-hands-dirty of a home, we got pregnant. Now we have a beautiful baby girl/gremlin named Emilia, and she is already more witty and more clever than her mother.

Life is fuller, harder, and much, much sweeter.

So this space now reflects that. There are lots of recipes to peruse, but also lots of musings on motherhood and life.

Motherhood has been the biggest, hardest transition of my life. Like so many women, I got hit with the dumpster fire that is postpartum depression and anxiety, and I have struggled to find my identity balanced between pre-motherhood and new-mom me. It’s been hard, but talking about it has given me life. Hearing from other moms has lifted me up. Being open and honest about motherhood and its glorious highs and desolate lows has made me a better version of myself for my baby, my husband, and me. I hope you’ll find stories and thoughts on motherhood from me and other young moms that inspire and encourage you.

Regarding life posts, picture Gwyneth Paltrow and her empire of modern lifestyle musings in your head. Got it?

Good. Now imagine the opposite.

That’s me. Meal prepping on a budget while wearing a $7 Target shirt and Birkenstocks while trying to brush my hair for the first time in a week. It’s messy and cluttered and there’s adult acne, but it’s life, and I’m trying my hardest to create a happy home and happy self. Perfection be damned!

So stick around, read a bit, try a recipe, and drop me a line. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you find something in this space that emboldens you to be creative and do something that brings you joy.

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