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Welcome to the blog.

I’m a Texan with two kids who runs a small food blog about delicious food near and far in Austin, Texas. This summer I moved to North Carolina, but I’ll be back in the Spring. Thanks for stopping by and following along with my adventures!

But life looks a little different now than when it started.

We sold our boring-but-solid home and moved across town into a 1960 fixer upper, where kitchen lights fall out of the ceiling at night and sprinkle asbestos insulation down like a magical snowfall, cookbooks fall off the shelf willy nilly, and a gang of aggressive squirrels murder snitches on our roof.

Then, one month after moving into this get-your-hands-dirty of a home, we got pregnant. Now we have a beautiful baby girl/gremlin named Emma, and she is already more witty and more clever than her mother.

Life is fuller, harder, and much, much sweeter.

So this space now reflects that. There are lots of recipes to peruse, but also lots of musings on motherhood and life.

Kate Nelson

I’m a wife and mother to two daughters. I was a very, very geeky kid and spent my many years of youth reading science fiction and playing Dungeons & Dragons. I live in Austin with my family and love Star Wars. In here you find a whole lot of food recipes.

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