My Burning Questions for Daniel Tiger

We love us some Daniel Tiger. And by we, I mean primarily I love us some Daniel Tiger. At 13 months, Emma is still a little young to love anything more than the bright colors and catchy songs.

But at almost 30 years old, I’m all in. It hits all the nostalgia notes from my Mr. Rogers childhood memories, and the songs are so annoyingly catchy that I can’t help but hum my way through the day. After initially googling the show I saw spoilers pop up and freaked out like someone had leaked the ending to my favorite show that isn’t aimed at toddlers.

That being said, I have questions.

I understand it’s a “land of make-believe, won’t you ride along with me (ride aloooooonnnng!)”, but even as someone with her own runaway imagination, I still have to wonder about a few of the story choices.

First of all, where are Daniel and his father’s pants?

Mom Tiger wears them. Miss Elaina’s parents wear them. Teacher Harriet wears them. Does it get hot in the clock factory so Dad Tiger just has to go sans-pants? Or maybe Daniel kept getting his britches so dirty his mom was like, “That’s it kid. You’re just not wearing pants anymore.” Other members of the neighborhood can’t want to sit in the same spot on Trolley after the Tiger boys have been there, that’s all I’m saying.

What is King Friday the king of?

This baffles me to no end. He has a castle. He has a queen. He has two heirs to his throne. He has distinguished white hair. He wears a crown and purple velvet cape. But no one bows to him or calls him “majesty.” There are no servants running around, and he hangs out with a pantsless tiger and hunts for rocks with his kid. Is he insane? Is everyone else in the neighborhood just letting him live out this fantasy of being a monarch? If Game of Thrones has taught me anything, it’s that this would never fly.

Where are O’s parents?

Oh O. Sweet, nerdy, feathery O. He’s a weird kid (er, owl). Maybe that’s because he lives with his uncle in a tree and his only piece of clothing is a pair of green shoes. I can only imagine his parents perished trying to fly too close to the sun. But unlike his friends, he can levitate, so that’s something.

Why is Miss Elaina addressed as “Miss”?

I adore this little girl. She makes me want to do cartwheels and call people “Toots.” Her parents also seem like they’d be awesome to grab a beer with and jam out in Music Man Stan’s shop. But why is she a “miss”? Why not just Elaina?

Why does Katerina Kittycat’s mother’s voice sound like that?

I hate it. I hate it so much. It’s flinty, gravelly, nasally, monotone, and shrill – all at once. HOW? It’s like if a really old person were getting over a cold and could only speak in one pitch and lost the ability to incorporate any sort of inflection into their speech. Am I alone here? Or is anyone else out there infatuated with how much they dislike this character’s voice?

What prescription medication are all the parents using?

With every meltdown, with every raised voice, with every animated tantrum, there’s a parent who is cool, calm, collected, and asking alllll the right questions. So what gives? What magical, make-believe pill are they all taking to help them keep their cool and never once seem slightly annoyed when their cartoon offspring start spazzing out? I’m going to ask my doctor at my next checkup. Maybe he has something for that.


3 Replies to “My Burning Questions for Daniel Tiger

  1. Yes!! Katerina Kittycat’s mother is the worst and I don’t get it at all! I related way more to a post about a children’s cartoon than I thought possible! But I absolutely sing the songs with my kids all the time!

  2. I believe Katerina’s mom is Henrietta, originally voiced by Mr. Rogers. I think they are trying to imitate his version of her.

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