It’s Hella Hot. Cool Off with These Sweet Sips.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived in this state my entire life. It doesn’t matter that every summer I (along with the rest of the population) complain to no end about the heat. It doesn’t matter that every fall and winter I blissfully forget how freaking hot it gets come June.

It doesn’t matter. Every summer throws me for a loop.

This summer has been particularly insufferable.  Like, our dog hasn’t been on a walk in weeks because it’s only cool enough for his paws to hit the asphalt at about 1:30 am. And it was 111 degrees Fahrenheit a few weeks ago. No thank you.

So while the AC runs non stop and I close every blind and I stare at a closet full of cardigans longingly, I shall make these drinks. They don’t cost quite as much as the energy bill, and they taste mighty fine served with a side of sweat.

I suggest you do the same, friends. That’s the only way we’ll make it to September. (Who am I kidding? October, really.)

Orange Vodka Limeade

This drink is synonymous with summertime to us. It’s got brightly flavored orange juice, sparkling Topo Chico, and heavy hits of fresh lime. Serve it over ice, and make it stretch by just refilling it with Topo. You could use another kind of sparkling water, but I encourage you to spring for that fizzy Mexican magical elixir. You won’t regret it.

Get the recipe here.


Grapefruit Moscow Mules

There’s a vodka distillery in Dripping Springs, southwest of Austin, called Deep Eddy. I used to think it was a mom-and-pop kind of operation, but then we saw a shelf lined with their goods at a bar in California. And with good reason, too. Their stuff is delicious and dangerously good. You can sip their flavored vodkas straight without that liquor-shock hitting your tastebuds. It’s all smooth and sweet, and perfect for mixed drinks. I recreated these grapefruit Moscow mules after a good friend whipped some up one evening, and they’ve remained a favorite since.

Get the recipe here.


Blackberry Lime Gin Fizz

Blackberry and gin complement each other really well. The floral notes of gin’s juniper holds hands with the sweet fruitiness of the blackberries, and it’s a marriage made in drink heaven. Add a hefty squeeze of fresh lime and a strong pour of sparkling water (again, go Topo!), and that impending heat stroke you’ve been fighting off will just melt away.

Get the recipe here.

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