Treat Yo’Self on a Budget: 5 Grocery Store Self-Care Finds

Gone are the days of being DINKers (Dual Income – No Kids).

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. Not the absence of a child (because I love that little girl with a fiery momma-bear passion that will destroy anyone who stands in her way), but the presence of freedom and lack of responsibility. Like getting a pedicure on my lunch hour. Or buying fancy coffee drinks without a second thought. Or wandering through Anthropologie with the intention of buying something without underlying panic.

Those freedoms had their place, and one day they will again. They made life enjoyable, but they didn’t make it better. So now that my handsome boy works hella hard to bring home one income so I can be my girl’s primary provider, treating myself looks different. And honestly, it’s been fun to figure out this whole new realm of budget self-care.

These are five of my favorite self-care purchases from my local grocery store – NOT Target. I love that place, but it’s also where my self-control goes to die.

Each of these are under $10 and satisfies different self-care needs. Take a look and next time you’re grabbing milk and eggs, maybe treat yo’self a little, too. (And no, the Parks and Rec references will never end.)

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee – $4.10

Ever wish you could close your eyes and be wandering the vibrant, hipster-clad streets of Portland? Drink this and it’ll get you there. Stumptown is the shmancy pants caffeinated pick-me-up I like to have on standby in the fridge for particularly trying afternoons. I pour it over ice with a hint of milk, sugar, and vanilla to give it a sweet makeover. But it’s mighty fine straight out of the glass bottle, too.


Essie Nail Polish – $9.24

Forever Yummy, anyone? That’s the name of this bright red lacquer that makes me feel like a 1950’s pin-up girl anytime it’s on my fingernails. Does it look as good as if the manicurist who charges $30 did it? No, of course not. But it’s a pop of vibrance and happiness that feels awfully good going on over a glass of white wine and Friends on Netflix. Besides, nail polish remover fixes all.


Magnolia Journal – $7.99

Interchange this with any publication that strikes your fancy at the checkout. Get organized with Real Simple. Become aggressively domestic with Martha Stewart Living. Peruse the “badass women” issue of InStyle. But as for me and my home, we will forever follow Joanna Gaines. Magnolia Journal hits everything right. The branding, the tone, the vibrant photos, the compelling content. It all feels like it was developed with love by insanely talented people, and that inspires me as a reader.


Siggi’s Whole Milk Yogurt – $1.41

It’s not yogurt, it’s Icelandic style skyr. Okay, it’s yogurt. But it’s really really good yogurt. At about a buck and a half, it doesn’t seem like an indulgence, but if I ate these twice a day like I want to, it would add up quickly. So I always grab a few when I’m at the grocery store to have on hand as a naptime victory snack. But get the ones that are 4% milkfat! They have more calories, but ohmygosh, it’s worth it. So dense. So creamy. So decadent.


Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Lavender Candle – $8.23

I love me a boutique candle. All the different jars and scents and clever names… I’m a sucker for them, but the $30 price tag on most burns away pretty quickly. So I enjoy grabbing one of Mrs. Meyer’s many candle options whilst perusing the cleaning product aisle. It may not look as adorable as the gardenia soy candle in a marble base that put me back a whole month’s worth of fun money, but it smells delicious and lights a little fire in my soul.

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